Mediation & Parenting Plans

Alternative Dispute Resolution for Maryland Family Law Matters

Your family is unlike any other, and nobody understands your family's needs the way you do. When it comes to parenting time, a judge will order what seems best based on his or her limited exposure to the facts of your case. That order may not be ideal for your circumstances and schedule, or for your children's needs. Fortunately, there is a way for you to customize your parenting plan so that it really works for you, your spouse or ex-spouse, and most importantly, your children: mediation.

Montgomery County attorney Virginia Joehl is a court-approved custody mediator with a wealth of experience developing workable, sustainable parenting plans that facilitate peaceful and successful co-parenting in the best interest of children.

Creating Parenting Plans That Work for Your Family

You may realize that you and your co-parent have the best knowledge of what your children need, but you may have difficulty coming to the table together to work it out on your own. Issues surrounding custody and co-parenting are often contentious; even in intact families, parents often struggle with one another's parenting style. This normal tension tends to get magnified in the litigation process. A neutral mediator can help facilitate your discussions without directing them. A mediator can help identify issues, explore options, and locate common ground from which to work. Virginia's background in family counseling gives her real insight into the concerns parents have about one another and their children and gives her the knowledge and confidence to help guide parents through the process of planning together even when they feel like they are falling apart.

Mediation gives you the option of coming up with creative solutions that are tailored to your family's unique needs and that address your specific concerns. Joehl Law can help you and your co-parent develop a workable parenting plan that reasonably anticipates the challenges that will arise and respects the concerns of both parents. This includes allocating parenting time in a manner best suited to your children's needs and your family's work, school and activity schedules. When you work together to develop a parenting plan you are more willing to abide by it and more committed to its success. That means a more peaceful and successful co-parenting relationship with your children's other parent, and ideally, happier, healthier children.

Work With an Experienced Montgomery County Custody Mediator

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