Prenuptial & Separation Agreements

Rockville Attorney With Decades of Experience in Family Law Agreements

A family law case is a unique matter in the law in that when the litigation is over, the parties still have to deal with one another. A custody and divorce order may control family interactions and finances for many years to come. All families are unique, and have particular needs. The court is incapable of developing a personalized solution for families and will often generate a final order that fails to address the particular needs of a given family, leaving them positioned for needless future conflict.

At Joehl Law, we know it is best to plan for life transitions, and to exercise control over them. This is true whether you are entering a marriage or ending one. An agreement reached by two parties is almost always better than an order generated by a court.

How a Maryland Prenuptial Agreement Can Benefit You

Prenuptial agreements, also known as prenups, can clarify expectations for a couple headed into a marriage. Many people reject the idea of a prenup, thinking that it means the couple is planning to divorce before they are even married. In fact, by addressing and resolving potentially problematic issues before marriage, prenups can clarify expectations, reduce conflict, and minimize the risk of divorce.

Of course, prenuptial agreements can also provide clarity in the unfortunate event that a marriage does need to be dissolved. If a couple is able to resolve issues that could become contentious in a divorce before a divorce happens, there will be less conflict and less expense—both emotional and financial. The result is often a more cordial relationship post-divorce, and more resources available for the parties to begin their new lives.

The attorneys of Joehl Law are available both to draft prenuptial agreements and to carefully review prenups presented to our clients by their fiances. We want to make sure that you understand the legal impact of any agreement you are considering signing, that it is fair to you, and that you are agreeing to sign freely of your own volition.

Making Life Easier With a Maryland Separation Agreement

A dissolution or separation agreement can give you and your spouse binding rules for how to conduct yourselves financially and preserve marital assets, as well as defining your parental rights and guiding parental decision-making during your divorce process and beyond. Joehl Law can help you establish an agreement so that you will be able to anticipate and plan for issues that could arise. A separation agreement can help you minimize conflict and have a less stressful divorce experience, both during any period of separation and after your divorce is final.

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