Our Approach

"Empowering parents, empowering families."

At Joehl Law we always encourage reasonable resolution to Maryland family law matters, but we know that the best settlements are reached from a position of strength. We will thoroughly prepare your case, advising you every step of the way and allowing you to make informed decisions throughout the divorce process. While we will always work to reach an amicable resolution to your case, you will never be pressured into accepting a settlement you do not want.


"When both parties want to resolve their conflict in the most reasonable way."

When both parties want to resolve their conflict in the most reasonable way, mediation is a great path to resolution. Virginia Joehl is a trained mediator, approved by Maryland courts for mediation assignments, including custody mediation and property mediation; all three areas require separate educational and experiential requirements. Virginia is available to serve as a neutral private mediator for couples who need one, and also accepts custody mediation assignments from the Montgomery County Circuit Court.


"The most difficult relationships can be the most challenging relationships to end."

Sadly, in many cases the parties can not reach resolution because one or the other is entirely unreasonable. People breaking out of an abusive or controlling relationship with a narcissist or other personality disordered partner have a particularly difficult journey. Typically, the most difficult relationships are the most challenging relationships to escape. Virginia's background in psychology and over 20 years of family law litigation experience enable her to understand the dynamics of high-conflict family law matters and help clients to navigate them. Too many lawyers who accept family law work do not have the skill set to do the work properly and to get you the results you need and deserve.

We welcome you to learn more about our attorneys and our Maryland family law services, and to contact us to schedule a consultation.