I found Virginia through the Montgomery County Women's Commission (MCWC) about 2 years before I was ready to proceed with my divorce. I attended the session at the MCWC then made an appointment to chat. She provided me with sound advice and recommended I return when I was ready. Sadly, I returned. With her able assistance, I planned my divorce and departure from MD. Virginia helped me to assemble a separation agreement that protected me and my interests while being mindful of my spouse. Although this was one of the most difficult decisions, I have made in my life, I am so thankful that I had Virginia helping me every step of the way. Since I no longer lived in Maryland, during the divorce process, Virginia and her staff were flexible and available whenever I called. I didn't even return to Maryland for the divorce hearing.

I highly recommend Virginia. I was impressed by her ability to hear what I perceived as potential challenges and her expert ways of addressing them. Her years of experience and compassion were apparent.